A society or an economy cannot consistently sustain its growth if one or more of its members fall behind in trade. We at Aikya – Link believe in this philosophy where we help each other's business grow at an equal pace by helping one another through our respective trade and networks.

Connect – in is an ever-growing network of business owners. A powerful network of contacts that each member brings to the table, not only enables members' business to grow, but also empowers members to explore new ideas and innovation through sharing incalculable knowledge and experiences of each other.

Break away from your business routine as Aikya – Link members and their family meet frequently for some and frolick to rejuvenate you over the weekends to beat the Monday morning blues!

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At the foundation of any business transaction is trust. This is more so for SME and MSME's that are entrepreneur driven and not backed by an established brand reputation.

Verified and trust based referrals are at the heart of growing your business and acquiring long term customers and goodwill. Aikya through its member network and access to trusted networks opens doors and minds to your business in a way that only human relationships can, fast tracking your opportunities and business growth.

30 Members

50 Meetings

527 Connectins

1.8 Cr Value